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eHealthopinion is an innovative product developed by Medisoft Telemedicine Pvt. Ltd.  ( Medisoft Telemedicine was established in 2001 in India and is a rapidly growing company in the telemedicine / ehealth field. It is poised to achieve great heights by revolutionizing the basics of healthcare delivery. Our foremost product, Tele Doctor 2.0 – the desktop telemedicine system is successfully installed in several countries worldwide. EHealthopinion, our hybrid version of the product combines web and desktop technologies and is developed after extensive field research. With eHealthopinion, we look forward to replicate our earlier success.

"eHealth" is used to describe the application of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) to the healthcare segment and create an efficient system, to provide better and safer patient care. The internet has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by providing unprecedented access to information. Millions of people worldwide are using the internet to obtain quality healthcare information directly affecting their lives, making this form of healthcare an important tool for improving health. is a classic Web 2.0 application. Via eHealthopinion we provide an innovative way to connect patients with doctors as well as referring doctors with their expert counterparts. Our main aim is to create a network of doctors and patients throughout the globe breaking down barriers of time and space. This service is available for the patients and doctors worldwide.

Currently, we are the only company who provide a common platform which connects patients, referring doctors and expert doctors.

eHealthopinion for Patient

eHealthopinion is a platform where a patient can prepare his case profile and send it to the doctor for diagnosis, treatment, second opinion or follow up. “Quality Healthcare For All” is our motto at eHealthopinion. Our service for patients is free. 

A comprehensive profile of your health is known as a Patient Health Record (PHR). Majority of people receive their healthcare at multiple places, and each facility maintains its own medical records. Using eHealthopinion a person has control over his PHR which contains comprehensive details of each and every visit to his healthcare provider.

eHealthopinion is -

Secure, Easy, Efficient, Comprehensive and Accurate.
Internet based - Can be accessed from anywhere.
Facility to include snapshots, images and video along with demographic information, history, reports, laboratory data etc.
You have complete control over your data. You provide access privileges to doctor.
Maintaining your own PHR is one of the best ways to have consistent, effective and comprehensive health information at your finger tips. In some cases it can be life saving e.g. by viewing your data, doctor can knowledge of your allergies prior to his treatment. It also eliminates repetitive diagnostic tests. It will be a good idea to maintain your PHR even if you are healthy.

Using eHealthopinion, a patient can prepare case which is similar to that when patient represent case to doctor in conventional face to face visit. Using eHealthopinion patient can get medical services at doorstep without traveling. The patient just requires computer and internet connection. The access for the patient is free. However the doctor or hospital can charge the patient on their discretion. As a patient you can communicate with us if you want any specific doctor or hospital in our panel.

eHealthopinion for hospital or doctor

eHealthopinion for a doctor (or hospital) is a platform to connect with patients worldwide and to connect referring doctors with expert doctors for diagnosis, treatment, second opinion, follow up or education purpose. From a practitioners stand-point, eHealthopinion comes as an integrated system of web and desktop technologies combined. The preliminary access of web version for doctor is free.

Standard version: This comes with comprehensive web access rights. A doctor can simply receive case profiles from patients and send back their expert comments.

Premium version: Doctors will get full rights for accessing the application. The referring doctor will be able to send his patient’s data for consultation with an expert doctor whereas the expert will be able to receive patient data from referring doctors. In addition to that, doctors will also get a desktop version to enable them to work in an offline mode. The premium version includes H.232 compatible IP based video conferencing, broadcasting and chat application. It is at the discretion of the doctor or his hospital to determine consultation charges for providing services to patients and referring doctors. We will facilitate the setting up of a payment gateway for your payments.

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