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Benefits for Doctor

Millions of people worldwide are using internet for healthcare related information. Besides providing basic information internet provides value added service to patients. The Internet clearly drives the development and adoption of ehealth / telemedicine applications. It has the reach, the infrastructure, and the acceptance to achieve wide spread change. In the days ahead, ehealth will have a revolutionary role in reshaping the healthcare industry.

Healthcare professionals need to think upon the  following questions

What role can technology play to revolutionize healthcare?
How can technology be leveraged to serve my patient better?
How can technology be leveraged to reach masses in easy and efficient way? 

Benefits to Doctor / Hospital
Second opinion from across the globe: Patients across the globe can contact you with more detail about their disease. eHealthopinion is the improved way to communicate with patient. You have the option to expand your service online or you can brand your service which attracts more patients to you for advance treatment. It will boost up your attempt for medical tourism.
Follow up for existing patient: The eHealthopinion service is free for patient. Patient can create his account and can follow up with you. Thus you can provide value added service to your patient. Besides reducing your patients’ expenses you can assure round the clock service to your patient. This assurance is very significant for the patient from distance or with international patient.
Pre-operative care: Prior to seeing patient personally you can confirm and move forward for advance treatment like preoperative care for patient etc.
 Benefits to expert doctor:
Wide variety of cases
Expand practice online
Serve large unprivileged population
Time saving as case is in structured format
Quality referrals from other doctors
Benefits to referring doctor:
Network with expert doctor: In conventional method you have no option once you refer the patient to expert. Where as using eHealthopinion you can communicate the case with the known name in your field and thus can continue further treatment at your clinic
Wider range of medical advice from more than one expert for your patient
Latest and best treatment for patient
Doctors can increase their knowledge base
Doctors can do follow-up with expert from their location
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