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How to Use eHealthopinion For Doctor

I. How to use eHealthopinion efficiently for maximum benefits:

As an expert (vise-a-versa for referring doctor) you can network with referring doctor. You may charge referring doctor for your service and the referring doctor may charge the patient.
Our aim is to make available ehealthopinion in top of all search engines to make it easy for urban patient globally to find you. You can ask your patient to use ehealthopinion. You can make available the link of on your website.
We are in communication with some of rural healthcare set up in various countries to use eHealthopinion for their patient. Rural masses in isolated region like part of Africa, part of developing countries are in dire need of such services.
Instead of sending image in email attachment, use eHealthopinion to medical image of patient with your colleague. It will be more productive.
II. Step by step information:

For standard version:



The registration for basic service for the doctor / hospital is completely free. The registration process is very easy and it will get completed in less than 5 minutes.

You have to fill doctor registration form. At the end of process you will receive confirmation for successful registration.

We will verify your details manually and on confirmation will provide you access right for eHealthopinion. You will receive authentication information on your email id. The process of providing you the access rights will take approximately 24 hours.   

Register Now! (As a doctor)

View and Interpret Patient Data

Once you have login id and password; click doctor Login and insert user name and password.

If you have received any patient it will be displayed by first and last name along with subject line and time & date stamp. You will be able to open the patient case and can view and interpret the patient data.

Write and Send Comment to Patient

Once you finish the interpretation of patient data, you can write your opinion and can send the comment back to patient. You can write the opinion in text or in prescription format.

For Premium version: Training will be provided by manuals, demonstration application and via video conferencing.

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