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How to Use ehealthopinion For Patient

Step - 0 :  Registration:

The registration for the patient is completely free. The registration process is very easy and it will get completed in less than 5 minutes. You have to fill patient registration form. At the end of process you will receive message of successful registration. You will receive authentication information on your email id.

The process is automatic and fast, Check your mail. Register Now! (As a patient)


Step-1 : Complete Patient Detail

Once you have User name and Password; click Patient Login and insert login ID and password.

You will have information under patient detail. This is the same information you have filled at the time of patient registration. You can add more and modify the existing details. The information will be saved under patient detail.

Step-2 : Prepare Patient Document

Using eHealthopinion you can create your entire medical documentation. This includes demographical information, comprehensive medical history, laboratory data, vital parameters, reports, scanned documents, data from web camera and digital camera, medical images from devices like ECG machine, sonography machine and endoscope, audio documents and electronic stethoscope, prescription, DICOM images, general documents like pictures and images and any computerized documents. It is virtually possible to convert any type of medical data into digital format using eHealthopinion. The prepared document will be shown under documents section in same window.

You can use scanner, web camera, digital camera or directly import any computerized image to prepare your profile. You can ask your doctor to give you copies of all your latest medical records including pathology reports, diagnostics, lab reports, imaging studies etc.   

For best results it is advisable that you enter maximum details in your Medical Profile and Reports.

Step-3 : Consult Expert

Once you have prepared your complete profile, click send to expert. You can select the desired doctor / hospital from the list available. Please carefully review the profile before submitting documents.

You can select the documents which you want to show to the expert doctor. On successful completion of this stage you will receive message. An email will be sent automatically to the doctor intimating your case. 

Expert Response

The expert receives your case profile, expert reviews and interprets the case. At the end he writes comment and sends it to you. You will be notified by email. The doctor can send his opinion in text or prescription. To access this opinion, please login and click on comment. Generally you will get response from doctor in 48 to 72 hours.

Sometimes to arrive at final opinion the doctor might need further details from you. By accessing the application you can submit additional details to the expert. Hence it is advisable to check for expert response frequently. Incase of satisfactory response you can close your account with eHealthopinion.

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